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The next few steps will help us tremendously in saving time during our appointment. Waiting for these documents at the time of our appointment can cause a delay which will interfere with your appointment running over, and others running late as well. We would like to make sure that our time is being invested wisely.


Follow the steps below. Please note, if you haven’t followed all the steps, we won’t be able to do your return at the time specified. You will have to reschedule. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin at support here:​

STEP 1: 

Set up your client profile

Your first step will be to create your customer portal. This is where important forms, contracts, invoices and other documents will be stored.


Submit Your Questionnaire

Fill out the Questionnaire Form. This is where you will securely fill in your personal information, upload your tax documents and submit for your tax preparer.

STEP 3: 

Schedule Your Appointment

Once your questionnaire forms are complete, your next step will be to schedule a call with me so we can discuss your return.

STEP 4: 

Sign Your Client Contract

After your appointment, you will receive an email with your tax preparation quote, client contract and invoice. Please complete the steps in that email.

Once these steps are all complete, give up to 72 hours for the team to get back with you.

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STEP 1: 

Set up your client profile

Your first step will be to create your client portal. Clicking the button below will take you to a page with a form like the one shown in the picture to the left. Fill in your information then check your email for login details.


Your client portal will be where important forms and documents will be stored.

STEP 2: 

Submit Your Questionnaire

You can find your questionnaire in your client portal. Please check the email you received after filling out the form above.


It will have your personal client portal link and password. Once in your portal, you will see your Welcome Packet, questionnaire and other important documents to get you started.


Be sure to review each document in your portal and fill out your questionnaire. Your tax preparer will need this in order for you to move to the next step.

STEP 3:  

Schedule your appointment.

Once your questionnaire forms are complete, your next step will be to schedule a call with me so we can discuss your return.


When you click the button below, you will be redirected to access my calendar. Here you will choose your call type. 


You will first choose if you need an in-person or online/virtual appointment. Then, choose if you are a new or returning client. 

Last but not least, choose a day and time that works for you. Once scheduled, all details will be sent via a confirmation email.


*Please remember to add our call to your calendar.

STEP 4: 

Sign Your Client Contract

After we complete our appointment, you will receive a tax preparation quote for your taxes to be prepared by PTFS, a client contract and your invoice.


Please read and sign your contract immediately to get your project started. Then make a deposit on your invoice (amount would have been discussed during appointment) and your tax return will be completed up to 72 hours from that time. 


You will receive an email to let you know your return has been processed. Until then, direct all questions to Kristin at support here:



Here at Premier Tax & Financial Solutions, we are dedicated to serve your financial needs.

Mychaela Vanison

Tax Preparer & Financial Advisor

As CEO, Mychaela will meet with clients, prepare tax returns, and oversee the team effectiveness in supporting you.

Dermeko Armstrong

Tax Preparer

As Supporting Tax Preparer, Dermeko will also prepare client tax returns while also helping with

both in-office & virtual clients.

Kristin Arilus

Project Manager

As the Executive Assistant, Kristin will help with all client appointment scheduling, document support, portal information and overall client support.


How do I log into my client profile?

What do I do if I am missing documents and unable to complete my questionnaire?

What should I do if my appointment is close but I have not submitted my questionnaire?